Thief Gets Beat Up by Pregnant Woman

mama bear cubsWarning to criminals: Don't be fooled by the seemingly vulnerable appearance of a pregnant woman. When provoked, this creature can quickly turn lethal and can display superhuman strength. It's not worth the wallet. Find an old lady instead.

Ha! Bet the idiot thief who tried to rip off a mom-to-be's purse in Philadelphia wishes he'd been warned to never, ever mess with The Preggers. When career crook Vaughn Matthews punched visibly pregnant 28-year-old Lindsay O'Brien in the forehead and ran away with her bag, I'm sure the last thing he expected was for her to chase him. But that was only the beginning!


When O'Brien caught up to her attacker, she tried wrestling her purse away from him. Matthews, the douche, twisted her arm, breaking her wrist. O'Brien retaliated by kicking him. That's when Matthews made the biggest mistake ever -- he used his forearm to hit O'Brien in the belly.

Oh no he didn't!

But just wait until you hear what O'Brien did next ... this is so badass!!! Okay, ready?

Lindsay O'Brien flew into a full-on mama bear rage and kicked Matthews in the leg with such force that she broke his tibia in two places. Two places! Said one of the police officers who later found Matthews whimpering on the ground (and promptly arrested him), "She really did a number on his leg. I would never want to get kicked by this girl."

Damn! Can you imagine how hard she kicked this guy? It reminds me of those stories about moms who suddenly develop bionic strength when their kid gets trapped under a car or something and just lift it up with one hand. That protect-my-cubs instinct is no joke!

You know who is a joke, though? Vaughn Matthews. He's being charged with aggravated assault, robbery, and a bunch of other stuff ... and his leg will need two surgeries. I hope when he hobbles into jail on his crutches that they make him wear a sign around his neck saying, "A pregnant woman did this to me."

Have you ever gone into supermom-to-be mode?


Image via Gunna/Flickr

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