Missing Toddler Story Has Happy Ending!

cornfieldYou have no idea how much I love this story. I love it so much. I love it soooo much. I love it this much (picture me spreading my arms really far apart)!!!

Okay, so before I tell you this ah-mazing tale, bear in mind that the past few weeks ... months ... years ... have been filled with stories of missing children that have really, really horrible endings. I don't have to mention any names, do I? You have already called to mind the appropriate references, I assume. Now then. Prepare to be inspired, comforted, and otherwise lifted out of your scared-mommy funk.


A 2-year-old who disappeared into a South Dakota cornfield late Sunday was found Monday morning completely unharmed. As good as new. Totally safe! Almost 200 people had been searching frantically for little Taydon Faulhaber all night long, to no avail -- if I was his mom, I'm sure I would have been losing my mind from terrible visions involving demented kidnappers by then.

But the tot was just plain old lost! (I guess a 2-year-old in a cornfield is about as close as you can get to the proverbial needle in a haystack.) Taydon re-emerged Monday morning when somebody had the brilliant idea to give his mother a loudspeaker -- the boy toddled out from the sea of corn stalks when he heard Mommy calling his name.

Can you imagine the bone-crushing tide of relief that woman felt when she saw her son appear? Especially when you take into consideration all of the horrible things that have happened to lost children recently? Let this happy event serve as a kernel (haha! Get it?) of hope forever more: Sometimes, every now and then, kids get lost ... and then get found.

Does this story make you feel hopeful?


Image via Sony200boy/Flickr

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