Dying Father Gets Wish to See Son Play Baseball (VIDEO)

Jim OrrJim Orr of Camas, Oregon, has been battling Stage 4 melanoma for more than a year now. His treatments have unfortunately gotten in the way of one of his greatest joys in life -- coaching his son's Little League team.

I, luckily, don't know from personal experience, but I have to imagine that as a parent, it's missing those little things, like your kid's baseball game, that hits hardest when you're sidelined by illness. It's easy to let work or other commitments get in the way of such things in busy, everyday life, but when you no longer have a choice in the matter, it's got to be excruciatingly painful to not be there.

One day last month, as Orr was riding in an ambulance for yet another round of radiation, he got some much-needed and unexpected relief from that pain.


When one of the EMTs in the ambulance asked if there was anything he could do to make Orr more comfortable, Orr told WNEM.com that he shot out a joking request.

"I said, 'If you're not doing anything after work, you can take me to my son's game.'"

The two EMTs aboard -- Della Borman and Dan Carlton -- did some quick planning and did just that. They surprised Orr, his son, and the rest of the team by showing up at the game. By all accounts there were no dry eyes near the field.

“His son comes running up to the gurney and gives his dad a big hug and his son starts crying,” Borman said. “He didn’t know his dad was coming so it was a big surprise to him.” Even better, in the second inning, his son managed to hit a home run.

It's such an incredible story in so many ways. From the EMTs going above and beyond the call of duty, to this very sick father wanting nothing more than seeing his son out on the field, to his son seeing in such a major way just how much he means to his father, it's one of those stories that really matter and makes us all stop to realize what matters in our own lives.

Which activity or hobby that you share with your child means the most to you?

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