Brave Mom Takes on Pregnancy After Unimaginable Loss

There are few things most of us can imagine that are worse than losing one of our children. For Jackie Hance, that worst happened times three. In July of 2009, Hance lost all three of her daughters in a horrible car crash on the Taconic Parkway in New York.

Reading her story at the time gave me nightmares and now, two years later, it still does. My heart breaks for Hance and all that she and her husband lost when her sister-in-law got drunk and high and got into a head-on collision. The thought of losing all three of our children on a beautiful Summer day is probably more than most of us can bear, but it happened to Hance.

And now, she is taking a leap of faith and she is pregnant again. Due in September. She writes in Ladies Home Journal:


I'd had a dream that I was standing in heaven and I could see Emma, Alyson, and Katie through these big gates. God would not let me inside the gates. He said that I had been given a gift from that doctor and I had to use his gift before I could be with my babies. So, almost in a daze, I told the doctor I wanted to try to get pregnant, never expecting it to work...I got pregnant the very first time.

It is hard to imagine what any of us might do in her shoes. I can't even fathom what I might feel or do, but her willingness to make herself vulnerable again, to love like that again is such a testament to the human spirit that to judge it seems wrong.

For eight years, Hance was a mom. She ate, breathed, slept and lived her children like all of us do. In an instant, all of that was taken from her. Her choices were to either whither and die or to trust enough to love again. Would any of us be this brave?

Having lost people close to me too young and too soon, I know how it breaks you down, erodes your trust and sometimes makes you unwilling to try again. And although I do not know the pain of losing a child (thank G-d) and I hope I never will, I do know that the pain after loss can make you unable to love again.

Hance is a survivor and I have no doubt that this new little baby due in September will be every bit as loved and cherished as her three older sisters. The Hance family is so very, very brave, strong and inspiring.

Does this break your heart, too?

Image via Amy Guth/Flickr

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