Mom Who Jumped Out Moving Vehicle for Baby Is Braver Than Us (VIDEO)

A mom in Baltimore saved both her toddler's life and her own Wednesday night by jumping out of her car holding the baby after she was car-jacked. The car was moving at the time and though the mom sustained some injuries, her 20-month-old was safe.

We all love to talk a big game about how brave we would be when it comes to our children and danger, but when push comes to shove (or the carjacker shows up), how many of us could really put our money where our mouth is?

See below for the surveillance video of the car-jacking:



The story leaves a lot of questions, of course. But I would assume the mother must have believed that whatever was happening inside the car was worse for both her and her baby than jumping out of it.

During the police chase, the carjacker hit two cars and turned off his headlights to avoid being seen. He is charged with fleeing and eluding police, hit and run, and negligent driving.

One has to assume she used her body to shield her child since she was injured and the baby wasn't. It's the moment all of us moms dread, when our baby is in mortal peril and we have to show what we're made of. This mom totally stepped up. Could you?

Do you think you would have done the same?


Image via Elsie esq./Flickr

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