6-Year-Old Beauty Queen Should NOT 'Retire' (VIDEO)

Eden WoodAt the ripe old age of 6, the glitzed and glamorized little Eden Wood is hanging up her crown. She rose to fame on Toddlers & Tiaras and has somehow managed to rack up 300 crowns in her short life, but says it's time to step away from the flippers and step down from the stage. That's right, the 6-year-old beauty queen is retiring.

While one would think that would be phenomenal news and that perhaps her pushy, overbearing mother finally saw the light, sadly that's not the case. She's just got her eyes set on bigger lights for her little dress-up doll daughter that make the pageants seem like the better option.


Micki Wood, Eden's mother, has a twisted idea of "retirement" to say the least, as she intends to propel Eden to bigger and better heights. She told Good Morning America this week: "I think she's following in the footsteps of some pretty big people who have done pageants, like Oprah Winfrey." Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez status would be okay too, she says.

Not only that, "they" want to build a mini Eden empire. Is your skin crawling yet? Like any good Real Housewife ... oh wait, she's just 6 ... anyway, she already has her own music video. Next up are things like the Eden Wood Princess Canopy Bed Collection, her own action figure, and even a memoir. She is serious.

I could wax on endlessly about all the ways this mother and all the other extreme stage moms are messing up their children, but if you just listen to Micki Wood talk long enough, she does a pretty good job of making the point herself -- that she knows what she's doing is harmful, she just doesn't care as long as it pays off.

She told GMA: "I think this is too much for a child this young. If I push her too hard, I will destroy my child." But then followed it up with: "Why not see if we can't have a Hollywood contract, a reality show, a spot on a Disney program. It's the American dream. It's her destiny."

Destroy her for her destiny ... tragic. But what's perhaps most tragic of all is that we are giving her the stage to pursue these dreams. Obviously there's a market for this madness or her video, TV appearances, and mall meet and greets wouldn't generate the buzz they do. Sadly, I won't be surprised if she does, in fact, succeed in building her little mini empire and push more parents to attempt to do the same in the process.

What do you think of Eden Wood's "retirement" at age 6?

Image via TLC.com

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