Restaurant That Banned Kids Under 6 Is Brilliant (Even for Parents)

Not everyone appreciates her humor.
When McDain's Restaurant and Golf Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania announced that he was going to institute a "No children under the age of 6" policy, a lot of parents got their feathers ruffled.

"Discrimination!" some cried.

"Well MY kid is totally polite, it's unfair!" other said.

Look, my son is AWESOME in restaurants. We took him to a white cloth restaurant on Mother's Day, and he did great. But regardless, I actually think the owner John Vuick's idea is a fantastic one, and one that parents actually will benefit from.


"There's nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can't control their volume," Vuick said. And um, yeah. He's kind of right. "You know, their child -- maybe as it should be -- is the center of their universe. But they don't realize it's not the center of the universe." Again, I have to agree there. Look, I love my children. But I am KEENLY aware that not everyone else does, and that a screeching baby may not be appreciated, even if she's squealing in happiness at the woman at the table next to us.

Like I said, I've had one child who behaved incredibly well in restaurants -- but I also have another who absolutely doesn't. So what do I do when I take her out? I make sure I'm at a restaurant that caters to kids, with crayons, booths so she can stand and not feel so contained by the high chair, balloons and LOUD NOISES to cover up her own.

So... forgive me, but I don't see what's so wrong about the opposite? There are kid-friendly restaurants ... and then there are, well, not.

For the many (MANY MANY MANY) people who would prefer to dine without children around, Vuick's idea is a great one. I know many childless couples will love dining there, knowing their meal won't be ruined by a child being excessively loud, even if it's happy squeals. I also know there are a lot of PARENTS who will enjoy spending their child-free evenings 100 percent child-free. I don't think it's any more discriminatory than say, not allowing children under 17 in a rated R movie, minors into a nightclub. Heck, I'm still not old enough to be president, but that's not discrimination, that's just regulations put forth based on the expectations of people at a certain age ... like Vuick's expectation that kids over 6 are going to be able to behave in a restaurant well enough as to not bother other customers. As a mom, do you want people who think your child's sweet squeal is irritating eating with you anyway? Well, now they don't have to.

And honestly, I think he should have set his age limit at 10.

Do you agree with Vuick's rule?

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