16-Pound Baby Is Nothing to Be Proud Of (VIDEO)

16-pound babyLast week a woman in Texas gave birth to a baby the size of an average 6-month-old. On Friday Janet Johnson delivered a bouncing baby boy, who weighed in at 16 pounds, 1 ounce. That's double the size of an average newborn baby. Oh, and get this, he was delivered a week early.

They knew it was going to be a big baby (they thought 12 to 13 pounds), but they weren't prepared for just how big little JaMichael Brown would be. His father, Michael Brown, says they're calling him "Moose." Cute, but ... not really.

My first thought was ouch!, though mercifully in this case the baby was delivered via c-section. But beyond that the whole thing is just heartbreaking. While I'm sure they're basking in their record-breaking glory now, they're missing out on an entire chapter of this boy's life -- and one of the most beautiful ones there is.


At 16 pounds, there will be no tiny little fingers and toes, or precious newborn clothing. He may be an infant by age, but there's nothing about him that looks like an infant or will feel the same as holding a tiny baby in your arms. I just can't imagine starting with a 16-pounder.

Not to mention the health implications for both mother and child. According to reports, both parents are large people and she had gestational diabetes. As Dr. Ian Holzman explained to ABC, "A baby gets this large usually because a mother has poorly controlled diabetes and the baby is getting extra glucose calories during the pregnancy."

The whole thing really makes you wonder about the quality of care this woman was receiving. Why wasn't her diabetes better controlled, and why were the doctors' estimates so far off as to just how big this baby was?

Fortunately, so far JaMichael has only suffered minor problems with blood sugar and is expected to go home soon, but who knows what the future holds. According to the American Diabetes Association, large babies are at higher risk for obesity and diabetes later in life. Hopefully, they'll focus on providing a healthy lifestyle to ensure JaMichael gets all the help he needs after such an unhealthy start.

Can you imagine delivering a 16-pound baby?

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