3-Year-Old Survives Fall Into Well Thanks to Special Skill

bucket in wellSwimming pools and ocean waves aren't the only water-related hazards out there, as a dad in Ohio recently learned when his 3-year-old son fell through a rotting wood cover down a 40-foot stone well. Here's the awesome part of the story, though (yes, there is one!): The little boy had been learning how to swim, so he was able to keep himself afloat in 10 feet of water until his dad (and some firefighters) rescued him.

So, have you signed your toddler up for summer swimming classes yet?


Obviously, this story serves as yet another why-kids-should-learn-to-swim-early reminder, but beyond that, I have to say I'm incredibly impressed by this kid's ability to keep his cool. Even as an adult, I can imagine it would be easy to panic if you were walking along and suddenly -- whoops! The ground gave out from under your feet and you were plunged 40 feet into a cold, dark pool.

At 3 years old, plenty of kids still flip out if water gets in their eyes while you're shampooing their hair. Then you have this little boy, who takes a massive, scary fall and stays calm enough to say, "No problem dad, I'm just gonna hang out and tread water while you find some rope." Hats off to you, little man!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that beyond making the great decision to teach their small child how to swim, these parents are also doing a fabulous job showing their kid how to respond in emergency situations: Remain chill. I highly doubt these parents are the type to lose it every time their son scrapes his knee or takes a tumble. They stay calm, so he does too.

Does your toddler know how to swim?

Image via echiner1/Flickr

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