For George & Cindy Anthony, Hiding Is the Best Bet

George and Cindy AnthonyAs the world reels from the not guilty verdict handed down in the Casey Anthony trial today, George and Cindy Anthony are reportedly in hiding. They apparently are doing so for their own protection after receiving death threats, and I bet they are wishing they would never have to emerge and face what they now must. Because as hard as everything has been to this point, this verdict is only going to make things worse for them.

Beyond all the lies, his alleged involvement in Caylee Anthony's death, accusations Casey made against her father of sexual abuse, and potential perjury charges they may face, the worst blow to the couple in all of this has to be knowing that they raised a daughter like this. Whether the court found her guilty or not, Casey did not protect her daughter at best, and at worst, well ... unfortunately that picture was painted quite clearly -- just not clearly enough for a jury to convict.


So today when the verdict was read, I have to believe there was a part of George and Cindy that was disappointed with much of the rest of America. They -- based on what we saw and heard throughout this ordeal -- are perhaps not role models of good parenting. But to have lost their daughter to the death penalty or life in prison would perhaps have been easier to bear than what they now face -- a choice.

A statement from George and Cindy's attorney reads: “The family hopes that they will be given the time by the media to reflect on this verdict and decide the best way to move forward privately.”

They already lost their granddaughter, and to now have to decide whether to lose their daughter too by abandoning her in the aftermath has got to be heart-wrenching. How can anyone forgive what are seemingly such gross sins against them? How can anyone forgive themselves for raising a child who would do such things?

Will they welcome her home as the prodigal daughter and cling to her because they have lost so much? As a spectator of the events, I don't see how they can, EVER, but as a parent, it's hard for me to say with much certainty there's anything my children would do -- no matter how heinous -- that I wouldn't somehow be able to forgive if the alternative was losing them forever.

Do you think you would be able to forgive your child after he or she acted as Casey Anthony has? Would you be able to forgive yourself for raising a child like Casey?

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