Military Dad Surprises Kids in Most Memorable Way (VIDEO)

military dad returnThere are some great stories about military parents coming home from leave and the incredible ways they surprise their children. I can't get enough of them, because the emotion is so raw and incredible, and their happiness is infectious.

This one in particular, however, leaves me in tears every time I watch it. According to the mom who uploaded the video on YouTube, everything had been going wrong with her husband's return. He was supposed to get home a day earlier, and their original plans for a surprise had to be adjusted. In the end, though, none of that mattered, as these kids got the surprise of their lives.


I love the looks on their faces when they think it's a grill, and then their shock and amazement when they realize it's their dad in the box. Talk about a gift of a lifetime.

The little girl's sobbing when she realizes what's in the box is so moving and conveys so much about how difficult parents' deployments are for children and how thankful we all should be for their service.

What's the best surprise your children have ever received?

Image via YouTube

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