Now Tracy Morgan Thinks It's OK to Joke About Special Needs Kids

tracy morganTracy Morgan really needs a newer, fancier shovel because he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper. Ready to be outraged? On the heels of his anti-gay "comic" spree, Tracy's on to, er, against a new group of people: Mentally disabled children and their mothers. He goes as far as to use the word retarded.

I wanted to forgive him the first time, but now he has gone too far and disgraces moms and children. Prepare yourself ... these are the disgusting things he said during his stand-up routine ...


The 30 Rock star warned his audience against "messing with women who have retarded kids" because "them young retarded males is strong. They're strong like chimps." And in case you were wondering, no, the audience didn't laugh; they groaned.

What is wrong with this guy? Did he not learn his lesson last time? And, sidebar, this isn't even remotely funny! In 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan is funny! (Guess we have Tina to thank for that.) If you're going to toe the line/push the envelope as a comedian, at least make sure your controversy will garner some laughs. I mean, offensiveness aside, this is just plain dumb.

And if Morgan is trying to be edgy in his comedy, at least find someone else to pick on. Moms do more in one month of their lives than Morgan will ever do in all of his. Especially special needs moms. Like most moms, they're the most giving, selfless, patient people, and for Morgan to stoop this low is just plain mean. In fact, it's bullying.

This "bit" may have been funny to Tracy, but it's extremely hurtful to children with disabilities -- and the parents who care for them on a daily basis. Imagine what it would be like to be made fun of by a public figure. Imagine what it would be like to be ridiculed about something that's already a sensitive topic to you. Something like this -- these stupid, little comments that Tracy probably wrote in two minutes and didn't think twice about -- can really have a profound effect on someone. It's not funny being the butt of someone's joke like this. Shame on Tracy Morgan. After all the crap he caught for his homophobic comments, I would have thought he would have known better. And he should have known better before that.

I'm guessing the actor doesn't have much experience with mentally disabled children. He is a father -- he should be sensitive to this. It just seems so wrong for a parent -- mother or father -- to make such a cruel, tasteless joke.

What do you think of Tracy Morgan's "jokes"?


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