D'oh! Mom Misses Call From Kids ... & Obama (VIDEO)

obamaAnd this, moms, is why you should always, always be near your phone. When two cute kids got invited into the President's limo, their excitement, naturally, was visceral. Their smiles! Their bouncy-ness! They look so happy and thrilled to be there, and all they wanted to do was share this incredible experience with their mom.

So Mr. Obama suggested they give her a call and handed them the limo's phone. What happens next will make you laugh then cry, then laugh some more (then cry some more). (Then laugh.)


Let's think about the mom here for a second. Was she in the bathroom? Did she have her cell on silent, taking in an afternoon movie matinee while her kids enjoyed a field trip? Had she just taken a bite of her peanut butter and banana sandwich and couldn't talk? Did she screen the call from the unknown number? I'm no expert on national security, but I doubt it says "Prez's Limo" on the caller ID.

Nevertheless, I hope Mom saves that voicemail forever. Maybe it's better that she didn't pick up because now she's got the coolest saved voicemail of everyone in her neighborhood, if not the country. Her son's telling her Obama's limo is really cool and then the President signs off with a solid, "OK, bye!"

Either way you look at it, it's a great little story.

Do you screen calls when your kids aren't with you, or do you always try to pick up no matter what number shows up on the caller ID?

Photo via YouTube


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