'Toddlers & Tiaras' Eyebrow Wax IS Abuse (VIDEO)

toddlers and tiaras eyebrow waxOh, Toddlers & Tiaras, you're just the gift that keeps on giving. As if it isn't bad enough that parents dress up their tiny, innocent children and paste clown makeup on their precious little skin, this mom just went way too far. Well, you know how hairy toddlers can be, so naturally the logical thing to do is to wax any unruly hair right off! No, really.

Check out this video of a 5-year-old beauty queen undergoing an incredibly painful eyebrow wax, under the direction of her mom and a sidekick. Unlike the Botox hoax, though, this kid's mutilation is for real.


I'm usually the first one to tell people to chill on the "CPS should be called!" for every little disagreement in parenting styles. But after watching this video, I'm a little more in the hysterical camp. Maybe CPS shouldn't be called, but perhaps Dr. Phil?

Did you hear the cries of that little girl? And the dismissal of the mom/sidekick? That wasn't so bad??? That girl was wailing in pain. Then mom thinks it's a great idea to soothe the girl by saying how pretty she looks. Way to eff up your daughter for life, mom. Sure it hurts, honey, but you're pretty. And women should always strive to be pretty, at all costs. After all, that's where your entire self-esteem should come from. Now, let's hope you don't go through any awkward phases, or it's under the knife for you!

Jesus. Someone should really do something. Oprah? Where are you when we need you?


Image via YouTube

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