Toddler Dangling From Building Highlights Importance of Window Safety (VIDEO)

toddler dangling from windowWe hear all the time about the importance of window safety and children, but many of us likely put it in the category of something we should do, but never quite get around to actually doing. Right? I can tell you that for as many articles as I've written on the subject, I haven't taken the precautions I know I should on the upstairs windows of my home; it's still on the list. A video from China of a 4-year-old basically hanging by his head from a window is definitely the motivation I need to get it done.

Earlier this week firefighters found the boy dangling from the window of his family's apartment -- located on the sixth floor. Somehow his head got stuck between the slats of the anti-theft railings, and the rest of his body was left hanging in the air. How he wasn't strangled, I don't know. Here's the video:


Horrifying, right? Fortunately, a resident of another building across the street saw the boy and called authorities. He was rushed to the hospital.

In a shockingly similar case, a 4-year-old girl also had to be rescued this week after her head got stuck in a window grate. She too was left dangling three stories above the ground. While both of these incidents happened in China, they can happen anywhere, especially now that weather is warm and windows are open more often.

You've seen them before, but in light of these cases, here once again are some vital window safety reminders from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Safeguard your children by using window guards or window stops.
    • Install window guards to prevent children from falling out of windows.
    • For windows on the sixth floor and below, install window guards that adults and older children can open easily in case of fire.
    • Install window stops so that windows open no more than 4 inches.
  • Never depend on screens to keep children from falling out of windows.
  • Whenever possible, open windows from the top -- instead of the bottom.
  • Keep furniture away from windows to discourage children from climbing near windows.
  • Some jurisdictions require landlords to install guards. Check your local regulations.

Are your windows safeguarded? If not, will this video make you do so?

Image via YouTube

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