Grandmother Saves Toddler From Freak Cow Attack

cowIn a devastating story out of Iowa, a grandmother died saving her grandson from a cow that became aggressive. Jean Fee was out feeding cows on her family farm with her 23-month-old grandson when the cow attacked. Putting herself in between the cow and the boy, Fee saved the boy's life while her own was sadly taken.

Police said it's extremely unusual for cows to attack. They believe the cow, who had a newborn calf, may have been acting on maternal instincts.

Matt Fee, the boy's uncle, told The Des Moines Register: "The best we can figure is the cow became aggressive, and my mom was protecting my nephew, and the cow hit her with its head and it stopped her heart."


Clearly this grandmother had plenty of nurturing instincts for her grandson as well. While it's heartbreakingly sad that she died, it's also such a beautiful testament to just how deep a grandparent's love can run.

Some grandparents have closer relationships with their grandchildren than others, but when that bond is strong, it can be incredibly powerful. Often grandparents offer to children what parents can't and teach them things no one else can; they love them like their own children.

When I was growing up, my grandparents lived out of state, so I didn't see them all that often. While I have fond memories of them, I didn't have that close relationship, though I did feed cows with my grandfather when I visited his farm. My own children, however, have deep bonds with their grandparents, even if we don't live that close to any of them. We nurture those relationships as best we can through frequent visits and shared pictures; technological advancements like Skype definitely help. Watching them bond with their grandparents has been amazing to watch over the years, and they have all contributed to each other's lives in invaluable ways.

Not every grandparent will get the opportunity to prove their love in such a grand and tragic way as Fee, but there are many who wouldn't hesitate for a second to do it if necessary. Her actions remind us just how lucky children with involved grandparents are ... and to be careful around cows, no matter how cute and calm they seem.

Do your children have close bonds with their grandparents?

Image via Joi/Flickr

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