Potty Training Toddler Needed Hacksaw to Get Unstuck

potty trainingMy daughter is 2 1/2, and it was well over a year ago that she started what I thought was potty training herself. I thought she might even be a little pottying prodigy when she asked to go, and I sat her down and she DID -- peeing and pooping right there in the toilet. So off to the store we went to get a potty chair -- a princess one! -- and I was ready to be done with diapers with no potty training necessary on my part. Phew!

Only she only used it one or two times after that and has been donning diapers ever since. Her interest in the potty disappeared as quickly as it appeared, and I haven't done much to try to spark it again. If she wants to do it on her own, that's great, but I cannot and will not try to potty train a child again. Here are five reasons I'm terrified to potty train my daughter:


1. I almost had a nervous breakdown last time. Potty training my son was one of the worst parenting experiences I've ever had. Period. I can NOT go there again. 

2. Diapers are so much easier. My son, 7, still waits until the last minute -- usually when it's finally our turn after we've waited in an interminably long line -- and has to go NOW. Imagining doubling the frequency of those frantic rushes to the restroom leaves me exhausted.

3. Potty seats are scary. Besides all the germs and annoyance of their presence in the bathroom, they can be dangerous. Just last week in California, firefighters had to use a hacksaw to free a 3-year-old's head from a potty seat. You never know what crazy things potty training will drive your kids (or you!) to do.

4. Public restrooms. Oh how I hate them -- the smell, the germs, and everything about them. But even more challenging these days is what to do with an almost 8-year-old boy who would rather die than go in the women's room when I have to sit (endlessly) with a toddler who's trying to go on the potty. There are only so many family restrooms in the world.

5. We'll be done with diapers. That means I have no babies anymore, and while I love to see them grow, it's also a sad reminder of how quickly they do.

Are you scared of potty training?

Image via makelessnoise/Flickr

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