World's Best Mom Makes Ultimate Sacrifice to Help Daughter Have Baby

pregnany bellyWe all like to say that there's nothing in the world we wouldn't do for our kids. But Eva Ottosson might top us all. The Swedish mom is giving her daughter her uterus in the world's first-ever womb transplant from mother to daughter.

The transplant -- slated for next year -- is 25-year-old Sara's only chance at ever becoming pregnant on her own after being born without a uterus, and she really couldn't do it without her mom. We'll pause for your tissue break. Just stow a few extras (don't say we didn't warn you!).


So far, the only womb transplant ever done before was between strangers, and it failed after a few months. But this is different. This is family. These are common genes. This is the very womb that carried Sara herself for nine months.

It's pretty crazy stuff if you think about it. We've heard of the grandmothers carrying grandchildren in their wombs for daughters struggling with infertility. Those are amazing sacrifices, and they're not to be diminished. But there's something about the ability to get pregnant, isn't there? It's why couples spend thousands of dollars every year on infertility treatment, so that one might carry a baby in her own stomach, feel the child kick and burp and squirm.

What's happening in Sweden is a sacrifice one mom -- Eva Ottosson -- is making for her own daughter. She's undergoing major surgery and the after-effects of living with a complete hysterectomy. When we say, "I'll do ANYTHING for my kids," we don't always think about what "anything" entails. Major surgery is major surgery. It can kill you!

But I love Eva's attitude. Going into it all, she says she's got her two kids, the uterus served her well, so why the heck NOT do this? How do you argue with that? That's what we're there for, right? To be the voice of reason for our kids? 

If it's successful, Ottosson will be like a grandmother to thousands more kids in the sense of being the ground-breaker on this successful new means of fertility treatments. If she can do this for her daughter, then we as moms who say, "I'd do anything for my kids" will have the ability one day -- if need be -- to do it ourselves, to save our daughters from the pain and stress of infertility and give them the beautiful gift of pregnancy and motherhood.

What's the most amazing thing your mom has done for you?


Image via spaceodissey/Flickr

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