Mom Unjustly Loses Job After Kid Barfed at Glee Concert

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A TV critic for the Chicago-Sun Times, Paige Wiser was assigned to go to the "Glee Live!" performance and write a review. Of course she dutifully went, but when someone started falling out of a chair and someone else started puking in a bag of cotton candy, Wiser had to, naturally, get the heck out of there.

She was only able to review the first 13 songs (Jesus! how long is that show!) and then, ya know, kinda made up the rest of what happened in her review by piecing together what others had reported. She submitted her article to the paper, and she was caught in her lie. In journalism, that's a big no-no, and Wiser was fired.

So the chair-faller-outter and the puker? Yeah, those were her kids. She took her kids to the show, probably thinking on the ride over there in her Dodge Caravan how some of her work perks can be pretty cool, and in a matter of hours, her son couldn't sit still and her daughter vommed, eventually costing her her job. Damn kids!


There's no disputing the fact that Wiser made an unwise decision, but we all get where's she's coming from. The pressure to perform as both a model employee and model parent can lead anyone to taking the easy way out -- in this case, searching set lists online and using those to review the songs she wasn't around for.

Wiser explained that she didn't feel like she could let down her editor because she'd recently fallen ill at Oprah's farewell spectacular, and she thought that one more failure to report would bring her some negative attention. She owns what she did, and explained:

Of course I was in the wrong. I made a horrible decision at 1am when I was tired, but I know it was not worth throwing away a career. After the Oprah incident, I felt this one had to be solid. But I have no excuse. I know the rules. Trying to do this with the kids and a three-hour commute ... there’s not a lot of people with kids at the paper, I’m a little sensitive about coming across like I can’t do it because of my kids.

Her son, 6, and daughter, 7, were just being kids, and Wiser was just being a mom. Her bad decision to fib her article cost her her job, but it hopefully won't cost her her career. My heart goes out to Wiser, and to all working moms (including mine!) who had to balance work ... and vomit in cotton candy bags. Don't know how you do it. I think Wiser deserves a pass here, as long as her record is clean.

Do you think Wiser should have been fired?

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