I'd Leave Weiner, No Matter How Pregnant

anthony weiner pregnant wife
Why don't you go live with that lady?
The Anthony Weiner scandal just keeps getting more and more messed up. We can add yet another victim to his abhorrent behavior: his unborn baby. Seriously, Weiner? You have the most amazing wife in the world, she's pregnant with your child, and you send crotch shots to unsuspecting young women? LOSER.

(By the way, does this turn of events remind you of another celebrity sex scandal? A James/Bullock/Louis triangle, perhaps?)

While, for now, it appears that Huma Abedin is staying with the slimy politician, I'd like to appeal to Abedin: Leave that sucker, Huma. And fast.


Sadly, it does appear that Abedin is standing by her man. Perhaps that's not much of a surprise, since she is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman. We can only imagine that Abedin has a very supportive boss right about now, which is fabulous. But if Abedin follows her mentor's lead, she'll be staying with that dog until her unborn baby is married off -- and then some. Instead, Abedin needs to stand up to the man who has humiliated her, and show him that his behavior is not acceptable.

Maybe Huma is a better woman than I (most likely, given everything I've read about her) and can forgive the wayward Weiner. However, the misogyny Weiner has shown when dealing with all of these women is appalling. That is not the kind of male role model you want for your child. Clearly Weiner has a problem and needs help. But after years of dishonesty, and this current humiliation, there's no way I would trust that man ever again. I certainly wouldn't want to have him around to set a bad example for my offspring.

Look, I don't know what goes on in Huma and Anthony's bedroom, but I do know if my man thought so little of me, and my child, to behave in this manner -- Weiner would be out of my house. Staying together for the sake of a child is much more damaging than raising a child as a single mother, minus a crappy example of a man.

Run, Huma, run!

Would you leave Anthony Weiner?

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