New 'Sesame Street' & 'Disneyland' Games Confirm My Kids Need a Kinect (VIDEOS)

Disneyland for KinectFor many parents, video games are taboo -- the stuff that creates fat kids, with brains fried by too many hours spent shooting things and not enough time interacting with real people. But I'm not scared; in fact, I want more for my kids. The recent announcement at E3 that toddler games like "Sesame Street; Once Upon a Monster" and "Disneyland Adventures" are coming out makes me more certain than ever that we'll be getting a Kinect sooner rather than later.

Video games targeting toddlers, OMG? I know some are shirking in horror, but honestly, I'd rather have my 2-year-old playing a video game -- that takes skills, concentration, and quick thinking -- than just staring mindlessly at a screen watching a show. 

Besides, these new games look like so much fun! Check out this video for the Disneyland game:


Tell me you're not dying to play -- with or without kids. I love how they're jumping and moving, which is why I'm so fascinated by the Kinect in particular, because you use your body to control the action -- you're not just sitting on the couch. It's no substitute for going out and riding a bike or kicking a ball, but it can be a good addition to those activities. One study I saw recently even says interactive video games can help kids control their weight. Plus, it's something really fun we can do as a family.

The "Sesame Street" one looks great too:

Now if you're one of those parents who don't allow your children to either play video games OR watch television, well, good for you. I've read all the studies and know the virtues of an electronic-free childhood, but I'm not that strong, and I do believe there are some benefits to children playing video games in limited amounts -- namely fun!

What do you think of these new video games targeting toddlers?

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