Adorable Boy Catches Adorable Fish (VIDEO)

Nothing says summer like a little boy fishing with his dad. This little boy in the video below was on that very trip with his father and he caught his very first fish.

He is so adorable. But the cuteness doesn't stop there. Clearly he is afraid of the fish and looks to his dad for reassurance, asking, "Does he like me?"

Only a little child would ask if the fish who is unable to breathe, hanging on a hook he just tricked him into biting, likes him. No, he probably doesn't. But the dad teaches the boy a lesson in kindness. See below:


If the boy wants the fish to like him, throwing him back is a good way to get there. And from the second the boy catches him, he wants to name him "Free" and he seems almost relieved when they put him back in the water at the end.

Now, I don't know a lot about fishing, but my guess is that this fish was too little to make a good meal and that putting him back was less about being humane and more about practicality. But the boy in this video was so clearly uncomfortable with catching him, asking if he liked him, naming him "Free." 

One could also speculate that the father threw the fish back because it would make his son feel happy and good. Sure enough, the boy visibly relaxes when his father says that is what they're doing.

That's good parenting, folks. You take a temperature, read the situation, and adjust your behavior accordingly. Well done, dad!

Did you think this video was cute?


Image via YouTube

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