Army Dad Who Stopped Bank Robber Is Hero for All Kids (VIDEO)

Eddie Peoples
Eddie Peoples
For most young children whose parents serve overseas in our nation's armed forces, their parents' occupation is murky at best. It's not like they can show up for Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day and sit at their desk and see what they do all day. Two boys in Florida, however, got an up close and personal look at just what a hero their Army dad is when he thwarted a recent bank robber.

Eddie Peoples was home from his fourth overseas deployment on leave, when he found himself and his two sons, 4 and 6, in a bank that was being robbed. At first Peoples cooperated with the robber's threats and got his sons down, but when the robber threatened his older son upon leaving, Peoples wasn't prepared to leave it at that. He told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, "When he threatened my son, I could not let that pass."


So Peoples chased down the robber in the parking lot, rammed his vehicle with his rental van, and found himself with the robber's gun pointed at his head. Undeterred, Peoples used his army training and took the dude down. He told The Early Show:

When he put that gun in my face after I got out of the car, I did a wrist lock on him. Got him in a half Muay Thai clinch around the back of the neck. Brought him down to the ground.

Police arrived shortly after and have praised his heroic efforts. Not something that your everyday Joe should attempt, but clearly Peoples had the skills he needed, and what an amazing lesson for his sons and for all children really.

For his sons, the whole incident just furthered their belief that soldiers are better than superheroes in taking down the "bad guys." Peoples' son, Ikai, said, "I knew [I would be OK], because he's in the Army, so he would beat his butt, because the bad guy's not in the Army, he's just a normal guy."

Check out Peoples describing the situation in his own words here. My only word: Wow!

What's the most heroic thing your children have witnessed you or their father doing?


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