Boys Banned from Playing Army Game at School

toy gunIn a case of political correctness gone mad, a school in England is trying to ban boys from playing with their fingers. Yes, the boys had been using them as pretend guns while playing an "army game," but teachers' accusations that they were "threatening" is pretty over the top. They're fingers.

According to a story in The Telegraph, the parents of two 7-year-old boys were told they could no longer play with their "guns" at school and that the parents should reprimand them too. One of the boys' fathers told the paper, "We were told to tell our son he cannot play 'guns' anymore."

The article does say one of the boys pointed his finger gun at a teacher, and that sounds disrespectful, but threatening? Is there a 7-year-old boy alive who doesn't use his finger as a gun? Maybe we should make them all wear mittens?


Before I had a boy I had notions that we would be a gun-free home. While I grew up with an arsenal of toy guns that my brothers and I played with, I decided that pretend violence was unnecessary, and I would not let my son have guns. That lasted ... not very long.

From water guns, to space zappers, and bubble-blowing ones, there are guns everywhere. Even if you somehow manage to avoid all of them ... there are the fingers, which boys (and some girls) just seem genetically predisposed to point at others.

So I gave up and instead try to teach him only to shoot the bad guys, that real guns are dangerous, and all the other "good" lessons I want him to learn.

And yes, school rules are different than home rules, but it seems pretty extreme to ban boys (and some girls I'm sure)  from doing what they've done from the beginning of time. I get it -- violence in our schools is terrifying. I want my children as safe as the next person, but I also don't want them terrified to make a move or say or do anything that could possibly offend or scare someone when they're just kids having fun.

Do you think children should be banned from using their fingers as guns in schools?

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