New Products Strike Unnecessary Fear in Pregnant Women

Everyone has their thoughts on microwave ovens and radiation from computers, cellphones, and your day-to-day environment. Some of us think it doesn't affect us much and others feel it will make people evolve to look like the aftermath of Chernobyl. But when you're pregnant, these things really play on our minds. Everything can be super scary and harmful and make us worry about the health of our parasite, er, fetus.

"If I eat pizza, will he have acne?"

"If I raise my arms, will the cord wrap around his neck?"

Oh, or the super-worrisome, "If I sneeze, can my baby fall out?"

Yup, with the universe all out to get unborn babies, at least now there are two products from SmartSense to help your little one avoid some scrambled gray matter. Introducing the SmartSense Microwave Oven Cover and the SmartSense Shawl!


According to SmartSense: "The US FDA has advised consumers not to stand directly in front of or up against the oven while it is in operation."

So sorry ladies, no more rubbing your belly up against the nuker while it's baking your potato. Like you needed a reminder. But the pretty SmartSense SmartCover microwave cover comes to your rescue and snaps on the sides with easy, sewn-in magnets. Then you just flop the top of it down over the door, and put the magnets on the sides to keep it in place while your food cooks. Feel free to rub your belly against it now.

Here, check out the video from their website of a camera aimed at a TV!

All I can see is putting your food in, pushing buttons, then with the speed of a dingo chasing a baby, slamming the cover down on the front, yelling, "GOT YOU, MICROWAVES!" Unfortunately, with the cover on the front, you can't see your potato burning until black smoke pours out, but no worries! You are PROTECTED from the dangerous, deadly microwave seeking to cook your belly baby from the inside out.

Sadly, your other kids will never again be able to see popcorn pop, but hey, you can always let Junior cook on the stove! Shake-a-shake a bag of hot oil!

"But what about those SCARY waves from my cellphone and computer?"

Well have no fear, paranoid pregnant consumer, for you also can wear the incredibly versatile, fashionable, all-season SmartSense SmartShawl! Machine-washable and perfect for the tin-hat crowd everywhere, especially pregnant mommies who constantly rest their iPads or laptops on their stomach (hey, it's a good shelf!). Just fold up the shawl, put it in your handbag, and then any time you see electronic devices, whip it out, wrap up your belly, and say, "Not MY baby!"

There, doesn't safety feel good AND look pretty too?

What do you think of these products? Would you use them?


Images via SmartSense

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