Sarah Michelle Gellar Secret Fitness Tool: The Toddler Workout

toddler runningCelebrities have access to all sorts of personal trainers, private chefs, spa escapes, and other fancy fitness means that most of us do not. But Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is looking fabulous these days, just uses something many of us have right in our own homes -- a toddler!

When asked recently how she keeps her fab form, she said, "'I just chase my toddler. That pretty much keeps [me] on my toes and puts me to bed by 8:30!'

There are certainly some blessed genetics and good eating going on there too, but she's right -- toddlers can provide a great workout. Here's a step-by-step fitness routine you may be able to follow too if you are blessed enough to have a toddler in your house:


For toned glutes and thighs:

Get up and out of bed repeatedly throughout the night to find pacifiers, fix blankets, and reassure him there are no monsters in the closet.

Go up and down the stairs endlessly taking toys that she brings down back up.

Chase your toddler through the grocery as he runs away laughing. Bonus points for stopping to pick up the things he knocks off the shelf along the way.

For arms of steel:

Repeatedly pick up tantruming toddler from the floors of various locations.

Carry your toddler for miles because it's easier than listening to her whine.

Fill sippy cups over and over again.

Get her in and out of the car seats millions of times each days -- extra resistance benefits when she's resisting your efforts.


Anything that involves taking your toddler in public.

Travel anywhere via airplane with a toddler and gear in tow.

See chasing above.

Screaming ... it's good for the lungs.

How do your children keep you in shape?

Image via juhansonin/Flickr

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