Video Game Makes Adopted Kids Feel Bad -- So What?

We live in a world where bad things happen to good people and people say mean things and you don't win all the time. Part of parenting is talking to children about those "rough edges," not hiding from them.

But one family in North Carolina is upset about a video game called Portal 2 that they say makes fun of adopted children. Neal Stapel was playing the game with his 10-year-old adopted daughter. The game involves solving puzzles, and one of the computers in the game began belittling the protagonist for being fat, stupid, and adopted. According to Stapel, this was "literally the worst thing I could have probably heard," he told his local news channel, WBTV.

Really? The worst?


In the game, the exact words are: "Alright, fatty. Adopted fatty. Fatty, fatty no parents."

Yes, it's cruel and obnoxious, but then, that is the role of the computer at that moment. He is supposed to be a bully. Furthermore, one could see it as offensive to overweight kids and any child who has lost a parent.

Get a grip, people. We can't protect our kids from every little thing and "parenting" is the part of the day where we explain bad things to our children. If someone is mean to them or calls them out on something painful, we say things like, "Well that's not very nice, let's talk about that."

We do not parent our children in a bubble. They won't win every game and they will be mocked at some point and they will likely mock someone themselves. It's all part of growing up.

If we think we can protect our kids from every little thing, we're kidding ourselves. This game raised a discussion they should be having anyway. The more she understands that no one has to tiptoe around the truth, the better off she will be.

We parent our kids to weather the storms, not to avoid them altogether.

Do you think these parents are being too sensitive?


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