'Pregnant in Heels' Mom Thinks New Home = Sibling Rivalry Fix

Big SisterEither Bravo is slacking or I'm becoming immune to crazy, because the more we see of Pregnant in Heels and maternity concierge Rosie Pope, the more normal her whole world becomes. Sure we had the parents who used a focus group to name their baby. The dad who thought daggers were baby-proof.

But those were weeks ago. The rich moms calling Rosie to the rescue this week however? Pretty normal. Like Diana, the mom who thought a new apartment was going to save her daughters from sibling rivalry.


OK, put that way, and it sounds nuts. But let's break this down. Diana and Ashley are living in a two-bedroom Upper West Side apartment and expecting baby number two. Two babies, Diana thinks, should mean two rooms -- one per kid -- and she wants a bigger apartment. Ashley, a sensible Brit, says he shared with his siblings. His kids can share too.

Enter Rosie, called by Diana to mediate. Well, sort of. Diana meets with Rosie alone because she wants to "get her on her side" before Ashley can interject. But first Diana has to take Rosie's Mommy IQ test, which is a bit different for a second-time mom. Rosie wants to know how she expects to handle two kids, especially a little angst from big girl Khloe about little sister Lola. Diana is floored. She can't answer that with much more than angst about Khloe feeling unloved and left out when the interloper comes along.

"Obviously the last thing I'd want her to think is that I don't love her anymore," says Diana.

Aaaaaaand cut. That, in a nutshell, is what pretty much every mom of more than one child has felt at one time or another. How do I make the older kid(s) feel like they're getting just as much love, they're just as valued, as the new baby? 

True, most of us don't answer with an attempt to buy a whole new home to give our kid her identity. But that fear is there. It's something I know I thought about while my husband and I debated whether to have a second one (we opted not to, but that wasn't the entire reason). We worry that our kids are going to feel crowded out. Physically (think sharing a room) and emotionally.

Rosie solved Diana and Ashley's problem with a room makeover that allowed Khloe to keep her old nursery with her own style, with a separate area for Lola. No new apartment. Instead she made Diana focus on her fears and address them emotionally for the girls.

How do you juggle the love with multiple kids? Do you ever feel like one gets shorted because a baby's such hard work?


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