Mom Caught in 'Extreme Home Makeover' Lie: Evict Her!

extreme home makeoverI think it's okay to tell a little white lie here and there if you have kids. After all, moms put up with a lot of stuff, so cutting a really long line for the bathroom for your kid (and maybe going yourself, too?) is sometimes in order.

What's not cool is lying about your children being sick -- like, really sick -- especially when it's to get a fancy new pad from the hit ABC show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Yeah, that would be really bad.

But, that's exactly what Terri Cerdas, the Las Vegas mother of two, did in order to get her old, moldy house torn down in exchange for a brand spankin' new one that was meant to "protect" her girls. Bad karma, Terri. And bad example.


Terri said that her daughters, Molly, 10, and Maggie, 8, suffered from immune deficiency disorders. Yet no doctors are able to confirm this. Who would do such a thing? How lucky is Terri to be blessed with two healthy girls -- how could she lie about them being otherwise? For so many reasons, this is, in a word, disgusting.

Never mind the fact that Terri told a horrible lie. How about the fact that someone else -- someone with children who actually needed a new home -- could have reaped the benefits? And, almost worst of all, how about the example Terri has set for her children?

Kids watch their parents and do the same. Really, it's quite simple. So, when little Maggie and Molly saw their mommy getting them a big, beautiful house -- just by telling a witty-bitty white lie -- I'm sure that they thought it was a-okay. How could they know any better?

Shame on Terri Cerdas. You're not only a bad example for your young daughters, you're a bad example for the human race.

What do you think of Terri lying to get an Extreme Makeover House?

Image via nan palmero/Flickr

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