Cursing Kid Phone Brings Joy to Bored Parents (VIDEO)

Toddler TelephoneI came across this video on Cosby Sweaters titled "How to Get the Baby Phone to Curse" and, quite frankly, expected to find it stupid. It may be that on some level, but it's also pretty freakin' hilarious.

Some ingenious/bored dad found a way to make his child's toy phone spew expletives. It's not safe for little ears, but if you need a laugh, it's worth watching. Check it out:


Let's face it, as wonderful as parenting is, it can also be boring as hell. Sitting around thinking up things to do and play with little ones all day isn't always the most intellectually stimulating. Not that it's not rewarding in its own way, but we all have to find amusement along the way when we can, like this.

Now, go find your kid's phone and see if you duplicate what this guy did.

Do you find parenting boring at times? How do you entertain yourself?

Image via YouTube

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