Toddler's Horrifying Four Story Fall Frightening for All Moms (VIDEO)

A 2-year-old's fall from a four-story window in the Bronx was caught on tape Tuesday night, and the video allows us all access to what is any parent's worst nightmare -- a very serious injury to our child. The mother's grief is so palpable in her face, it's almost impossible to watch the video, which was taken by surveillance outside the apartment.

It's hard to even imagine the horror the poor mother feels as she sees her toddler lying on the sidewalk knowing that just minutes before, he had likely been a happy, thriving 2-year-old. Today he is in critical condition at a hospital in New York.

And while we could (and should) talk about window guards and the dangers facing young children as we come into summer, the fact is, we can all imagine what this poor mother is feeling.


Toddler Plunges from Window in the Bronx:

Witnesses described hearing a thud and seeing the toddler hit the ground. The video footage is harrowing, though the toddler only comes into the frame for less than one second. What leaves a lasting impression is the mother who comes out shortly after her baby hits the ground.

Those who saw it say that the parents immediately started arguing over whose fault it was, and that is one fight that may last until the day they die. Everything changed in an instant and my heart goes out to them. There is not a single parent who can't imagine what they are feeling.

Does this break your heart, too?


Image via DieselDemon/Flickr

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