'Pregnant in Heels' Mom Thinks Breastfeeding Is 'Icky'

Cindi Avila Pregnant in HeelsPregnant in Heels has officially entered the mommy wars. After weeks of watching crazy ass rich ladies with insane requests make maternity concierge Rosie Pope roll her eyes so often I thought she'd loosen the muscles in there and have to deal with some lazy eyeballs, the Bravo show got real real fast. Enter Cindi Avila, first-time mom-to-be with an abject fear of needles and giving birth.

Oh yeah, and she thinks breastfeeding is "icky." Oh no she didn't! Oh yes, she did, ladies and ladies (because are there any gents watching with us? OK, any who admit it?). 


What commenced was a nasty Twitter war (if the Saturday Night Live parody of Pregnant in Heels didn't clue you in to the way this Bravo show has entered the national zeitgeist, maybe this will -- the PIH fans are some mad Tweeters) about what a bad person Avila was, plus rumors that Pope didn't breastfeed herself (I say rumors because during an interview with her for The Stir, Pope WAS breastfeeding her baby boy -- let's quash that one, shall we?).

This is how we encourage women to breastfeed? By calling a woman a "dumbass" for being uncomfortable? I don't know about you, but if someone calls me a dumbass, I'm not likely to take advice from them. Just saying.

That Avila made herself look bad was a given. It was Pregnant in Heels after all. And when Avila's mom said she always assumed her daughter would adopt rather than face up to her fear of needles, I almost let slip one of Pope's "wowzers." It's a fear, I get it. But if you REALLY want a biological child, it's not insurmountable (which Avila obviously proved last night).

But when she said she didn't want to breastfeed, but told Pope she'd be willing to learn more about the process, Avila took a huge step. She went to a breastfeeding class (promotion alert for Pope's MomPrep classes!). She admitted she'd heard horror stories about blood and pain -- stories that, frankly, a LOT of women hear. And when they're told "breastfeeding is natural" and forget your damn fears, it doesn't get them very far.

And now for the shocker. When treated with respect by Rosie, who told Avila several times over that it was HER choice, even as she was kindly fed information on the process, the episode ended with what Avila called a "surprise ending" on her own Twitter. She breastfed daughter Alexia.

Yeah, that's right. A little information and a lot of kindness can make all the difference in this mommy war. So I'll leave anyone out there still debating about breastfeeding with a quote from Rosie Pope's own Twitter account: "Breastfeeding can b easy or diff,women should b able 2choose best for them/babies-I believe arming them w/info 2make right decisions 4 them."

Have you had concerns about breastfeeding? Have you been able to get good information about it?

Image via Bravo

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