'Pregnant in Heels' Dad 'Babyproofs' With Knives and Daggers

Pregnant in Heels Lisa StevenWith a show name like Pregnant in Heels, you'd expect maternity concierge Rosie Pope would spend her days shooting down the insane ideas of the uber-rich preggos of Manhattan. And for weeks, she has. But last night, it was Dad's turn to toddle into crazy town and get herded back by Rosie.

Now I bet you're thinking the dad who blamed his wife for their infertility journey and mentioned ON CAMERA that she must get back to her pre-pregnancy 105 pounds would be the prime candidate for a little Rosie-vention. Wrong-o! Enter Steven, rocker dude, collector of guitars with curse words prominently displayed on the walls, man who thinks a baby playing with a decorative knife or dagger is just so rock and roll.


Not the usual client for Rosie (they're not rich by any means), Steven and wife Lisa get the in through Hannah, staffer at Rosie Pope Maternity who convinces her boss that these regular folks need her help, like now. So in walks Rosie, in her fabulous wear, fresh from a million-dollar mansion in Essex Fells where she was "helping" out a mama with a staff of six women readying her for birth. And she finds a typical New York City apartment. Teeny, tiny.

But, to top it off, there's a guitar on the wall that proudly bears the F-bomb, decorative knives hanging out at toddler eye-level, and they are actually debating having baby sleep in a closet ... a windowless, roof slanted so you can barely stand up closet. And Papa Steven thinks this is just fine and dandy. Thank goodness for Lisa, who doesn't hesitate to start pulling CDs off a rickety shelf that Rosie warns will drop on top of baby the minute she gives it a little tug (these people are lucky it hasn't fallen on them with the way it wobbles!). She gets it. Even if her husband is bitching about Rosie every step of the way.

Credit where credit's due, Steven eventually comes around, when Rosie redecorates their apartment with a nod to the couple's musical tastes. She keeps the CD shelf but bolts it into the wall. She hangs the guitars back up on the wall but hangs them high so crawling baby can't reach. She even adds a rock and roll touch to the mural in their room, putting an axe in the hands of one of the fluffy creatures.

It turns out it's the most touching of any of the Pregnant in Heels episodes so far. Steven isn't a dud so much as a dude terrified of losing his identity and his wife as they welcome their baby girl into the world. Aren't we all? We know babies change things, but we generally have about nine months to ruminate over just how MUCH they'll change things ... and it's inevitable that a little doubt will creep in there when you're feeling down.

What Rosie taught them -- that you can be as rock and roll as you want, but you have to think of baby first -- can be applied to anyone, any time. Having a baby isn't about giving up your identity, it's about compromise, about incorporating a child INTO your identity. And baby Emma Jane will be much safer for that little compromise.

Did you find yourself having to give up something you adore because of baby? What was it?

Image via Bravo

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