'Jem & the Holograms' Brings Outrageous '80s to Today's Girls (VIDEO)

jem & the hologramsFrom 1985 to 1988, the best cartoon EVER (as far as a pint-sized me and plenty of other little girls were concerned) aired on TV. It was called Jem & the Holograms, and its heroines -- namely Jerrica Benton aka "Jem" -- big, rainbow-hued hair, music videos, and a "futuristic" holographic computer named Synergy epitomized just about everything that was awesome about the '80s. Now, what's old is new again, and The Hub TV is adding old episodes of Jem to its lineup, starting May 31. A sneak peek of six episodes will air May 28. (You can check out the network’s website to find your local channel.)

Obviously, this is fabulous news for moms who remember watching Jem as a kid, tween, or teen. Who wouldn't want to re-live -- if only for a half-hour -- those days when we daydreamed about being "truly outrageous," neon pink-haired/lipstick/patent pump-wearing rock divas? But hey, it's also a sweet development for today's kiddos ...


See, today's kids think nothing of the glitziest gadgets and computers. At 2 years old, they wander over to your iPad, unlock it, and start playing Angry Birds. In other words, they totally take all of this technology that's now at our fingertips for granted big time! But if they watch Jem, they'll soon IDOLIZE computers ... because although she may have taken up an entire room (like the antithesis of an iPhone), Synergy had powers Apple has yet to master -- even now in 2011! And I don't know of any earrings that can make you turn into a cooler version of yourself. (Although I'm sure some designers would beg to differ with me on that.)

Speaking of a cooler version of yourself ... Jerrica was awesome alone and had a lot of qualities that are aspirational for a little girl -- she ran a foster home, for cryin' out loud! But when she was Jem, she was just herself with ... pinker hair and more verve! Oh, and a hot boyfriend named Rio who totes adored her for being an independent rocker woman. 

The show also preached themes of individuality and originality. I remember being inspired as a little girl to express myself with my fashion or hair, thanks to Jem!

Bottom-line: These forthcoming re-runs of Jem may be ... let's do the math ... man, 25 years old (GAH), but they'll still be super-relatable and offer positive viewing for today's little rock goddesses. Props to The Hub for bringin' our girl Jem back!

Here's the intro for your viewing pleasure ...

Did you watch Jem growing up? Would you encourage your daughter to watch Jem re-runs?


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