'Special Cookies' Send Toddler to Hospital: Mom's Fault?

In the Terrible Parenting Award of the week category, we have the family in Denver, Colorado whose 2-year-old son managed to get into the freezer, access cookies containing marijuana, and get himself so high he had to be hospitalized. File this under: You can't make this stuff up.

The mother -- 25-year-old Denitra Vigil -- brought her son to the hospital on March 19 after he seemed unusually exhausted. Hospital officials said marijuana's active ingredient, THC, was found in his system.

Vigil claims that her son climbed on a chair in the kitchen and opened the freezer, where the cookies were kept in a bag, and she wasn't clear on just how many cookies he had ingested.


I can buy her story. My 2-year-old son has just reached the point where he opens our front door and walks out by himself. Because he can do this, we now keep a chain lock up high out of his reach. He can also open the fridge and freezer. We keep everything we want out of his reach out of his reach.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a perfect parent to grasp that you need to adjust safety standards as your child grows. What is safe for your baby isn't safe for your toddler, etc.

I will refrain from the judgement on having pot in the house when your baby is so young. People have the right to live their lives however they see fit. But parents also have a responsibility to care for their children and part of that means keeping them out of harm's way.

Social Services is now involved and the boy recovered. It's possible this was just a stupid mistake and it won't be repeated, but something tells me that a home in which pot cookies are readily accessible to little hands, there is probably very little that is "child-friendly" happening on a daily basis.

That poor, poor little boy.

Does this make you sad, too?


Image via scubadive67/Flickr

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