Pregnant Woman Lived on Big Macs Only

Big MacAversions and cravings produce some pretty crazy pregnancy diets for women, but I've never heard one quite like the one Suzanne Franklin followed while carrying her son, Harry. Throughout her entire pregnancy, she ate only one thing every day -- Big Macs, hold the lettuce and cheese. That's pretty much it.

Before you call the pregnancy police and blast this mom for her unhealthy choices, however, you should know that she suffers from some extreme food allergies. She's allergic to not only eggs and dairy, but to fruit and vegetables as well as tea, alcohol, rice, oils, and fish. Pretty limiting, especially when trying to nourish a baby as well. To make matters worse, doctors told her that the allergies she's suffered from since she was 2 could get even worse during pregnancy. Franklin's solution -- rack up a big old McDonald's bill, as the Big Mac was one thing she was certain she was safe eating.


Though some of us may welcome an occasional fast food burger, she said it became incredibly difficult to choke them down day after day. She described to the Daily Mail how she felt watching her husband eat normal food: 

I was just desperate to keep eating so that the baby could grow, so I just forced down burger after burger each day. Paul would eat a salad, and I would just look on enviously.

She couldn't even take a multivitamin as they also triggered an allergic reaction in her. While she says she contracted continuous colds, she was relieved to find her baby was growing well.

The doctor who scanned me at 20 weeks told me that I must be doing something right as he was so big and healthy -- but I never expected him to be that big and neither did they.

Big he was. Harry entered the world at a whopping 10 pounds, 2 ounces! But healthy? I hope so, though high birth weight babies and a mother's high-fat diet while pregnant are known to be factors for future obesity and other problems. So no one should see her story as a green light for fast food consumption during pregnancy, but she seemingly did the best she could for her baby given the circumstances.

In any case, hopefully Harry will be able to avoid any future health problems as well as his mother's allergies, though she says that he may already be showing signs of them. "At least he won’t be allergic to burgers," she said optimistically. 

We all make sacrifices for our children, but this is a whopper of one. I hope McDonald's hears their story and at least ponies up a few comped Big Macs.

Did you face food allergies in pregnancy? If so, how did you cope?

Image via comedy_nose/Flickr

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