Good Samaritan Rescues Toddler From Spinning Washing Machine

laundromatI think every child has stood in front of a washing machine at one point thinking how fun it might be to climb inside and take a spin. But for a California toddler who actually did, it was anything but fun.

While playing with his aunt at a public laundromat, she placed him inside one of the machines as his mother did laundry nearby. Witnesses said the next thing you knew, somehow the door closed and the machine turned on. The door was locked, and the women couldn't open it.


The boy was trapped in the spinning water and clothes for more than four minutes, before a good Samaritan came to his rescue. Victor Gonzalez was working near the laundromat and heard screams. He told ABC:

At first I couldn't see him because he was all wet with the clothes and everything, but then again I saw half of his body in there. It was something else.

Someone had already shattered the machine's glass with a baseball bat, but no one had been able to get the boy out of the machine. Gonzalez, who has two children of his own, grabbed a tool and was able to wedge open the door.

The boy was bloodied and bruised, but crying, which Gonzalez was relieved to hear. He was taken to the hospital and, fortunately, is said to be in stable condition. It's frightening to think just how much more serious his injuries could have been or how he could have drowned in there.

I can't imagine how helpless and terrified his mother and aunt must have felt seeing him trapped in there, his body being banged about on the metal pieces. Thank goodness for everyday heroes like Gonzalez who says: "I just did what I had to do to help the mom, she looked very desperate."

The story is also a good reminder of how good, clean horseplay can get messy in flash if you're not careful. I feel for the aunt who was just trying to entertain the boy, but she also should have never tried to do it in this manner.

What's the most frightening predicament your child has gotten into?

Image via LOLren/Flickr

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