Did a Toddler Really Kill His Mother?

two year old shoots motherIn another case that shows why guns should never, ever, be around children, a father of a 2-year-old boy claims the toddler grabbed his 9mm Glock and fatally shot his own mother. Troy Bailey, Jr. called 911 claiming the little boy shot and killed his mother, Julia Bennett, in their home.

My first thought is, that's total BS, and dad needs to be thrown in the slammer. A 2-year-old handling a Glock? And being able to pick it up (a 9mm Glock weighs about three pounds) and exert enough pressure, and have the right aim to kill his own mother? What in the heck is going on here?


It seems outrageous that a 2-year-old would be to blame in this case. I also can't imagine picking up the phone and calling 911 and turning in your toddler, but I suppose it's not like the 2-year-old would be serving jail time and dad could take the fall for him. Regardless of which way this story goes, it's completely bizarre if true and completely sick if the dad is trying to get away with murder by blaming his son.

Tragically, there are plenty of other cases of small children killing themselves, or others, when someone leaves a loaded gun around. In fact, in Wisconsin a 2-year-old killed himself as he played with a gun he found in his mother's drawer. Kids and guns don't mix, people. It's really that simple.

Still, I'm not the only person who is suspicious of the dad's story, and the toddler has been removed from his custody and is with DCS while the police investigate this tragedy. Right now the father of the toddler will most likely be charged with negligence for leaving the gun unattended with his toddler in the room. Time will tell if the charges include murder.

Do you believe this dad?


Image via David Paul Ohmer/Flickr

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