6-Year-Old Brings Gun to School, Injures Three

Somehow, a 6-year-old boy managed to get ahold of a gun, bring it to school and discharge it, injuring himself and two others. If there was ever a call for better gun protection for our children, this would probably be it.

There are so many questions. Authorities are now saying that the gun belonged to a family friend and the child took it from him unknowingly. That is understandable, I suppose, except for the part where it is TOTALLY NOT.

If you have a gun, it should not be accessible to children. And if it is? That is your own stupid fault. 


This story ended badly, but not in tragedy. The boy shot his own foot and shot two others as well. It is not clear how the gun discharged. Some say he dropped it, others say he was playing with it and it went off.

But make no mistake, this was a happy ending compared to how it could have gone. A 6-year-old boy should never, never, never have access to a gun. There are few things that are more black and white than this. And that family friend ought to be charged with something.

If you are going to deem yourself responsible enough to own a gun then you must (MUST) also keep it away from your children and the children of friends and any potential children who enter your home. Otherwise, you should be fined and punished. Easy as that.

There is simply no excuse for a child getting ahold of a gun. There is no reasonable explanation for it and those who are responsible for it ought to pay a hefty price.

Who do you think should be punished here?


Image via  Willie Lunchmeat/Flickr

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