Toddler Falls From Balcony, Saved by Stranger

Just when you start to get down in the dumps and kind of hate everyone a little, a story comes along that wakes you up and makes you realize just how much we really are all in it together. On Wednesday night, a toddler fell out of a hotel window in Orlando. This story should have a miserable, sad ending, but it doesn't (thank goodness). Because of one stranger's kindness and quick thinking, the little girl has nary a scratch from her terrifying experience.

Amazing, no? As yet, it's unclear how the little girl managed to get out on the balcony, but she did and thanks to a stranger spotting her, she is still alive to tell the tale. 

She fell four stories, but was caught safely by a hotel guest. How does one ever thank a stranger for that?


If this were my youngest who is now 2.5 (and I shudder to imagine), there aren't enough things in the world I could give a person for saving his life. My wedding rings? Take 'em! My cars? They're all yours!

I mean, seriously. How does one possibly repay a person for that kind of kindness? Just the thought fills me with dread. Last night, as I was driving home from seeing the Easter Bunny with my kids, I took a different route from my husband and kids (we had two cars) and ended up in terrible traffic.

I started screaming and yelling in frustration and stayed in that stressed state for about 20 minutes. When I finally reached the front of the line, I saw an accident that took my breath away. One car had literally crushed the other one. I shuddered to think of what had become of the driver in the bottom vehicle. But it put my silly frustration into perspective.

I believe an experience like this would do the same. There is no pain I could imagine worse than losing a child and I'm sure we all feel that way. If someone saved mine, I would owe them so much more than money can buy. 

Have you ever had an experience like this?


Image via Editor B/Flickr

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