'Pregnant in Heels' Takes on a Bridezilla With Gestational Diabetes

Gestational DiabetesYou would think a Sarah Palin lookalike making spotted dick for Lord Wedgewood with her “day husband” would be the crazy one in this week's episode of Pregnant in Heels. But all that paled in comparison to Robyn, the pregnant bride-to-be who refused to deal with her gestational diabetes.

Yes, things got a little more serious this week for Rosie Pope than just the typical crazy rich pregnant woman who wants hair and makeup in the delivery room. Robyn, who was having an "L.A. wedding" (aka, a shotgun wedding), had gained 80 pounds while pregnant, and she still had at least four weeks to go when she marched into Rosie's shop and asked her to make a wedding gown for her.


Rosie agreed to design the dress, but she also demanded Robyn take her gestational diabetes diagnosis seriously. Robyn was just a treat to work with too, as she hid food, lied about cupcakes, and was a general pain in the ass. When she claimed she kept foods like cake sprinkles in her cupboards because they look cute, Rosie called her out and told her, "What's not cute and not fun is a heart attack."

When Rosie took Robyn to work out with a trainer in Central Park, she said, "I can't" at least a thousand times and complained the whole time. I would have kicked her to the curb as a client at that point. Gestational diabetes is serious stuff and can have severe health consequences for the mom and baby, if not treated properly. To see her treat it so cavalierly was beyond irritating. Rosie, however, stuck with her and hopefully did some good with her intervention.

The wedding dress fitting was a nightmare as Robin complained and whined and hated it so much, she took it to her own tailor who shredded Rosie's work. But justice was served when on her wedding day, after much screaming and dramatic family fighting, the dog peed all over the train of her dress. Karma, honey.

In the end, she did end up delivering a healthy baby, so all was well. Though she had to add one final insult to the injury -- when Rosie showed up at the hospital to meet the new baby, Robyn was sporting the dress Rosie had painstakingly made for her. "I thought it was the perfect dress for labor," she smugly told her. I guess slapping clients probably wouldn't be good for business, but it certainly would have been justified.

Did you watch Pregnant in Heels? Have you had gestational diabetes, and if so, how did you handle the diagnosis?

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