Autistic Brothers Caged by Dad, But Where's Mom?

autistic children cagedBad, bad, bad, super bad parent alert. Police found two autistic brothers boarded up inside a room with only a mattress and covered in urine in an Oregon home where they lived with their father. The 5- and 7-year-old were discovered when one of them managed to push his hand between the slats of the barrier as a police officer was visiting the home on suspicion of mistreatment. Turns out, they were right as the boys were trapped in a dark room, with only a mattress on the floor. And get this -- the father defended his actions by saying, "What am I supposed to do? Let them run around the house? They're autistic.

That's some burning outrage you're feeling in your gut right now.

Even though the mom, who didn't live with the children, says she had no idea the boys were being treated this way, that lady is so not off the hook for this.


Sure, the couple isn't together, but the mother essentially abandoned the two boys and moved away to start another family. She has a 16-month-old son and hasn't seen the boys in a year. She says if she had known, she would have taken the boys. Yeah, right. She also stated that she left the husband because he was controlling and had a drug problem. So you leave two autistic children in his care? Her excuse was she didn't want to disrupt their schedule and schooling. My ass.

While the father and his girlfriend were rightly arrested for unlawful imprisonment and mistreatment, the mother needs to be held responsible as well. And someone, somewhere needs to take care of those children -- who apparently can't even talk and only moan. God, how tragic is this?

Raising children is tough; raising children with special needs is even more challenging. But abandonment and/or imprisonment is not an option. These are the types of people who really should be sterilized. Really.

Do you think the mom is also to blame here?

Image via ell brown/Flickr

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