Bully Chokes & Ties Up 1st Grader During Recess

Jasmine RorrerA Virginia woman is scared to send her 7-year-old daughter back to school after she says a boy choked her with a jump rope, tied her to a pole, then left her there. It all happened right there on the playground of her school during recess.

Heather Rorrer told WUSA that this boy had bullied her daughter, Jasmine, all year, but that even after this incident, no one called 911. She immediately took her to the emergency room after hearing what happened. Jasmine recounted the story for the news station:

He got the jump rope and tied it around my throat and tried to choke me. My two friends ... they saw me, they heard me crying, and let me go.


Rorrer said when she saw her daughter, her neck and eyes were red, and her breathing was labored. I imagine the worst effects of an incident like this, however, are those no one can see.

Though police and the school have remained fairly tight lipped about how the alleged incident is being handled, Rorrer said the boy got a couple of days of suspension. Meanwhile, she's scared to send her daughter back to school and wants to see him expelled.

"My mommy's very scared it might happen again," Jasmine said. I don't blame her. It's nerve wracking enough to send our children off to school all day and put them under the care of others and in the path of other influences that aren't always so positive, but at the very least, we expect them to be safe. Cases of bullying like this strike fear in every parent's heart, because it shows once again how much can happen in our schools right under the noses of those who are supposed to be watching them.

As Rorrer told NBC:

I just looked at her teacher and I was like, "Where were you?" I just kept saying it: "Where were you? Where were you?"

Has your child ever been the victim of violence or bullying at school?

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