Pathetic Adults Rob Sick Toddler's Lemonade Stand

Logan VarnadoeIn an effort to raise money to help her sick 2-year-old cousin, Chelsea Edwards, 13, got entrepreneurial and set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for his costly treatments. It was a pretty successful lemonade stand too, as by Saturday afternoon they had collected about $150. Then two human beings without a conscience came along and turned the sweet story sour when they robbed the stand of its proceeds.

Amber Michelle Umbarger, 21, and Gage Allen Turner, 20, snatched the funds right in broad daylight in a Georgia neighborhood. Clearly, they've never heard of karma. Robbing any kids' lemonade stand is scummy enough, but to steal money from a sick child is lower than low.


Edwards' nephew, Logan Varnadoe, has spent about 70 percent of his life in hospitals after being born with only about a third of the brain matter he was supposed to have. He was born partially blind and deaf and has had 10 surgeries in his short life. The treatment for the numerous neurological and gastrointestinal issues he has challenge his family financially, which is why Edwards chose to step in to try and help with her lemonade stand.

Even the thieves couldn't thwart her good deed, however. Once the community heard the terrible tale, donations started pouring in for the family. The more the toddler's story spreads, people from all across the country have started offering support

Logan's mother, April Varnadoe, told WUSA9, "It's been unbelievable. It's been wonderful."

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! A website has been set up to handle all the donations, which the family desperately needs as Logan requires out-of-state treatment.

As for the thieves, Umbarger and Turner each face three counts of robbery by sudden snatching and whole lot of bad karma coming their way.

Do you believe in karma?

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