'Pregnant in Heels' Mom Doesn't Want to Look Like She Gave Birth

Pregnant in Heels TanyaWhat's the first thing you think about after you give birth? The baby? Or "OMG, I look like crap, I can't let anyone see me like this!" Welcome to the world of Manhattan's uber-rich and the clients on Bravo's new pregnancy show Pregnant in Heels.

Last week's premiere set the bar high for crazy from Manhattan's rich preggos with the couple who needed a focus group to name their baby. Maybe a little too high? This week the new show from maternity clothing designer and pregnancy concierge Rosie Pope came back with one exceedingly normal couple and Tanya who wants to look fabulous right after giving birth. Oh, don't we all?


Tanya wasn't nuts, just a bit ... domineering? When your own husband compares you to a white tiger and looks a tad bit scared while talking about how you take control of situations, it may be time to take a chill pill, honey. And calling your new assistant every 5 seconds is the best way to ensure he will NEVER GET ANY WORK DONE!! But her ultimate goal to look "camera ready in hospital" as Rosie said, putting her British twist on the words (yup, despite a Twitter debate over whether she has a speech impediment, she's simply a Brit with an accent), hit home in our house.

My husband told me she was nuts. In fact, his words were something like "I know it's important to look fabulous, but she just had a BABY! I wouldn't expect to look fabulous if I'd just had major surgery!" Oh, honey, that's why I love him. He looks at the first picture of us as a family, me all glassy-eyed and wan from hours in labor, and he doesn't see me looking like something from night of the living dead.

But watching Rosie Pope bring a hairstylist and makeup artist to Tanya's bedside before a photographer came in to shoot pictures of her with new baby Milan, husband Romit, and their toddler daughter, I got it. Maybe it's a little vain to want to look fabulous in your post-birth pictures. But can you imagine someone coming in to pamper you after your exhausting labor and birth? If there's one time when a woman REALLY deserves a little TLC, it's after putting her body through something like that.

It's not just about looking good. It's about feeling human again, especially when you're stuck in a hospital having to wear a hospital gown, use a hospital shower, and eat hospital food. I remember the simple joy of shaving my legs the morning before we went home. It was heaven.

Is looking fabulous after giving birth really such an unreasonable thing to wish for?


Image via Bravo

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