Toddler Protected Overnight by Dog Goes Missing AGAIN

Jacklyn Jacobson
Jacklyn Jacobson
Last week there was a heartwarming story about little Tyler Jacobson, the 2-year-old South Carolina boy who wandered off from his home, but was protected overnight in the chilly temperatures by his loyal dog. While most of the attention went to what a wonderful creature the dog was, it seems more attention should have been directed toward the boy's home life. Because once again, Jacobson wandered off alone from his house -- just eight days later.

The first incident happened April 1, and it took a 25-person search party, bloodhounds, and helicopters to find him. You would think after all that, the parents might be a little overprotective ... or even just protective. But Sunday, a neighbor found the boy wandering the streets again, screaming, and called police. The dog, incidentally, was by his side.


The neighbor, James Lawson, told WISTV: "I'm thankful to the Lord I found him before he ended up in that creek over there, and then nobody found him."

One time is unfortunate, maybe explainable, perhaps excusable, but when it happens twice in such a short period of time, then something is obviously very wrong with the care he's receiving This time at least action was taken, and the boy's mother, Jacklyn Jacobson, 25, and her boyfriend, Jose Gloria, 21, were jailed Sunday for unlawful neglect of a child.

According to UPI, after the first incident, State Department of Social Services investigators found the home in "deplorable shape." So they just left the boy and his 6-month-old sibling there? Oh, they offered suggestions for locks and were planning a follow-up visit, but clearly that wasn't enough. The sheriff said even after the second incident, the mother didn't appear upset, and they "smelled a strong odor of marijuana inside Jacobson's home." Fortunately, this is one lucky little boy, and nothing bad happened either time, but how easily it could have.

Stories like these are so tough because it's easy to say the children should have been removed after the first time the boy was found wandering. But no one wants to see a child ripped away from his or her parents unless it's absolutely necessary. So chances are given, fixes are attempted, and sometimes they work. But sometimes they don't and won't, but it's often too late before we figure that out.

Can you believe this boy was found wandering alone again after the first frightening incident?

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