Is This Monster High Doll Anorexic or Just Too Thin?

Cleo De NileAnother week, another doll on the market for kids that's giving parents the heebie jeebies. The Monster High dolls have come under attack a number of times since they hit shelves as a tie in to the teen book series by Lisi Harrison -- some of it warranted, some of it not. But when a doll's proportions are so off that the product descriptions warn she can't stand on her own, it's hard to find a way to legitimize her being on the shelves.

Cleo De Nile is listed as one of the "Gloom Beach Dolls." Because apparently anorexic hooker doll didn't seem like it would get it on the shelves of the major toy stores. Pity, with a waist that's so thin she almost has none, it would be much more apt for the Monster High mummy.


Although the books are aimed at teenage girls (which actually made a "shaving and waxing" doll somewhat palatable), this supposed beach babe with barely anything covering her lady parts and the aforementioned non-existent waist is aimed at girls 6 years and up according to FAO Schwartz's listing for "manufacturer's age." At any age, she's gross. Twenty-somethings shouldn't want to look like that any more than 16-year-olds or 12-year-olds.

But at 6, "Cleo" is downright horrific. Sure, she's a mummy. She's not meant to be realistic. But even most Barbies cover up the impossible body with some clothes to make it less glaring. This member of the Monster High crew is letting it all hang out -- what little there is. Even the cartoon version -- as sultry and slutty as she is -- would be an improvement.

This underfed, overly obvious version, however, is being put in the hands of little girls at a time when the country is at a crossroads. We have identified the childhood obesity crisis as a real foe. But we have also come to realize that the "thin is in" concept has crept into elementary schools, where kids as young as 5 are going on diets.

No girl should ever look like Cleo De Nile. But if you put her in the hands of your 6-year-old, are you prepared to explain to her why not?


Image via FAO Schwartz

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