6-Year-Old Hero Saves Boys From Vicious Dog Attack

Timo PerezTimo Perez is one tough 6-year-old. The Florida boy did what many adults would be too frightened to do when he used his own body to shield his 4-year-old brother and neighbor boy from a dog attack.

The boys were playing in the backyard of their Homestead, Florida, home when a neighbor's dog -- a German Shepherd mix -- escaped and attacked them. Timo ushered the younger boys underneath a car and put himself in between them and the dog, taking the bites himself. He told WSNV-TV: "I wanted to save my brother. Then, he started attacking me."

Talk about brotherly love.


His father was able to scare the dog away after hitting it with a shovel, but not before Timo was bitten on his arm, shoulder, and head. He was hospitalized for a couple of days and received staples, but thankfully he was released Saturday. The other boys were unharmed.

While we can teach our children lots of things, a brave, selfless act like this seems to be something that just comes from within. The term "hero" gets used loosely sometimes, Timo is a hero in the truest sense of the word.

And, he's resilient too. When the station asked him if he was scared of dogs now, he answered: "No, just the one dog that's mean."

I so want to buy this kid an ice cream or something.

Do you think your child would be brave enough to act in a similar manner in such a terrifying situation? Would you?

Image via wsvn.com

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