No More Pants on the Ground for Arkansas Students

baggy pantsKids who walk around with their pants on the ground may look like fools, but who cares? Educators in Arkansas, that's who, and they've gone so far as to get the governor to go and ban baggy pants in the state's public schools.

Last week Gov. Mike Beebe signed a bill banning clothing that exposes "underwear, buttocks, or the breast of a female." So, first question: Does that mean the guys can show their breasts? And what of other genitalia that's not named -- is that okay? Just so we're clear, because I think public decency laws already kind of cover the nudity thing. Clearly, it's the underwear they're worried about -- the boxers that peek out when one's pants are in fact on the ground. I say thank goodness for those boxers.

You can't just outlaw looking stupid, otherwise a good portion of America and the entire population of some theme parks would be incarcerated. But that seems to be what they're trying to do.


What about freedom of expression, and personal choice, and all that stuff that we profess to hold near and dear to our national hearts? I guess the unsightly sight of boxers is no match for them.

Youth is a time to experiment, shock, and rebel against convention. If walking around with a belt around your knees makes some kid feel bold, then have at it. Be careful not to trip, of course. One member of the General Assembly told Reuters, "Student competition over the manner in which clothing is worn could lead to violence and injuries during school hours." I'm sorry, what? That sounds like a big bunch of canned crap.

Educators should worry more about educating, and let kids be kids. If some boxer shorts are making schools unteachable, then we really need to rethink who's doing the teaching.

And baggy pants do come with some positive qualities too ... or at least one. In Florida, where they're getting ready to vote on a similar bill, a pair of baggy pants recently saved a student from an alligator attack! See there? When the gator went to chomp the kid's leg, he got the pants instead. Wonder if they'll factor that into their debate?

Do you think students should be banned from wearing baggy pants? 

Image via victoriapeckham/Flickr

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