Good Case for Pepper Spraying a Second Grader

pepper sprayPolice in Lakewood, Colorado recently used pepper spray to take down an out-of-control second grader ... Hold your gasps because I'm about to make your gasp really worth it. This 8-year-old left police no choice and he totally had it coming ... Hold your fire until you hear what happened.

According to in Colorado, this student from Glennon Heights Elementary freaked the hell out. Spitting, throwing chairs and a television, trying to stab his teachers with a piece of wood trim off the wall, and threatening to kill them -- this kid flipped out so hardcore that his teachers barricaded themselves in a room and called the police.

And it didn't end there ...


So police arrived on the scene and the kid kept it up and refused to drop the sharp stick. This is definitely not normal behavior for a second grader. Defy his teachers, maybe. But with such violence? And murderous threats? And then to keep it up once the police arrive too? This kid was totally out of control and needs help.

An interview with the boy identified as Aidan and his mom Mandy (see below) reveals this was the third time cops have been called to the school due to his violent outbursts. Mom thinks, however, the use of pepper spray was excessive:

I'm sure what he was doing wasn't right, but he's 8 years old. They walked in, asked him to drop the stick, and then sprayed him with the spray ... I think it's excessive.

Yeah, he is only 8 years old, Mandy, but he is displaying the kind of rage and violence that cops usually only see in adults flipping out on PCP.

I'm no advocate for excessive force, especially on a child, but what choice did police really have in this case? If they put their hands on him and tried to restrain him with physical force, everyone would be completely up in arms, and had they used a stun gun to shock the kid, the police would have gotten far worse criticism.

WATCH the news report, which includes the interview with Aidan and his mom.

This is a boy in serious trouble, and I worry that his mom might be in slight denial about the severity of his problem. I feel for the woman, believe me, and I imagine it's hard to see how very bad a situation is when you're used to living with it. I just hope Aidan and his mom continue to get the help they need.

Based on the details we have here, do you think pepper spray was the right option?


Image via wstryder/Flickr

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